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  • Baby Bag

    They say that “necessity is the mother of invention,” but they don’t say something else that matters just as much: if you look online you will probably find out that someone has already thought of it. Have you ever come up with an idea you are convinced is so brilliant, and will make you millions, only to find out it already exists? At first you want to curse the Universe for its personal spite towards you, then slap your computer across the screen for the audacity of suggesting that maybe you aren’t as innovative as you thought. But then you realize you probably wouldn’t have gotten around to manifesting your vision anyway, and feel relieved that you can buy it with a couple clicks and typing in your address. Ahhhhh… the convenience of the modern world where all you have to do is imagine, and then Google search for someone else who has done all the work.

    I had one of these moments the other day when I realized that The Munch has a serious aversion to blankets. I don’t know what it is? Maybe she was attacked by a blanket in a past life, or she thinks they make her hips look wide, but every time I try and put one on her she kicks it off in protest. But it is winter and I don’t want her to get cold, so I feel the pressure to turn up the heat, but then I think of all the wasted fossil fuels and the destruction of the rainforest, so I turn it back down, but then I feel her nose and it is like a little frozen strawberry, so I turn it back up, but then I think of my heating bill, so I turn it back down, and then I realize it is morning and I haven’t slept.

    And then an epiphany came to me.

    “This baby needs a baby sleeping bag!”

    I started creating a mock design for a little baby sleeping bag where her arms could be free, but she would still be covered and toasty warm. I knew I was onto something of epic genius, but then I realized that my sewing machine was in the back of the closet, I didn’t really have the right fabric, I had no idea how to sew a zipper, and I wanted to check my Facebook.

    After a status update and a few tears from looking at too many pictures of people’s vacations, I looked online and sure enough I found that baby sleeping bags already exist! So I got The Munch the best baby sleeping bag on the market (organic of course and woven by woodland nymphs from another dimension of eco-friendliness).

    Thanks Merino Kids for creating something I thought of, but making it way better then I ever could!

    I am jealous Munch! Maybe tomorrow night you can sleep outside!

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  • Baby Fashion

    If there was any justice in the world you wouldn’t be expected dress your baby in clothes, but instead lube them up and shove their pudgy little bodies into a latex suit that has the capacity to stretch 4 times its assumed size. Baby clothes are a racket. For one, your kid will stain whatever you put them in within milliseconds, and for two they will out grow their clothes before you cut the tags off.

    Despite the total uselessness in buying clothes for your baby that aren’t two sizes too big and tie dyed brown, orange, and yellow to hide the food remnants, drool and snot, it is still a $9.7 billion industry that is barely effected by the recession. I am sure that is partly due to the fact that you have to keep buying the next size up for your ever growing child because letting them smoke and drink coffee to stunt their growth is generally looked down upon, but I also think there is a psychological underpinning to baby fashion. What your baby wears reflects back to not only what kind of parent you are, but what type of person as well.

    Hipster mommies must dress their baby’s in skinny jeans and hoodies over an Iron Maiden t-shirt. Preppy mommies got to make sure their baby’s in khaki’s and popped collar polos. Rich mommies need the Pucci pants with a Roberto Cavalli onsie on their mini me-s in the making. If you are a slutty mommy your baby has a lower back tattoo and thong diaper.

    Baby fashion pokes at our self-esteem and makes us want to dress our baby as an accessory to our egos. Sometimes I feel like I will come off as more enviable if my child is in an adorable outfit worthy of Star’s “best dressed tots” list. Dressing The Munch is more important than dressing myself because even if I look like a total mess, everyone will think that at least my baby has her shit together.

    I prefer my baby to match her Laura Ashley surroundings

    Hipster Baby! (notice the Life and Style magazine in the background she has been studying)

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  • No More Tears?

    Even though Johnson and Johnson’s shampoo will protect your child from crying, it will also poison them in the process! I know watching tears trickle down your child’s cheeks is devastating, but after reading this article I would much rather deal with some ocean water spewing from The Munch’s face than massaging carcinogens into her still developing skull!

    The thing that is so tragic about the noxious chemicals put in baby products is that the companies are fully aware of the potential dangers, and have the capacity to sell to the public nontoxic options, but choose not to. Other countries that have higher standards and Johnson and Johnson distributes the non-damage-your-baby-for-life-option in places like Holland or the UK, so why are the selling the poison-the-crap-out-of-your-baby-stuff here?

    Partly because our government allows it, and partly because we still buy it.

    Lets say you don’t want to spread venomous bile over your baby’s brain, then you have to fork out more money to buy the eco/natural/organic options. That is a hard thing for many people to rationalize especially when there is the prevailing rational that everything is going to kill you or give you cancer, so what can I really do to protect myself? There is a hopelessness that exists and people’s standards have plummeted where it should be a national outrage that a shampoo can be sold and marketed exclusively to babies that should have a skull and cross bones on the packaging!

    “They are putting what in shampoo? That is horrible! What kind of world did you birth me into?”

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  • How Protective is Over-Protective?

    Before having a baby, I used to get viscerally annoyed at parents who would say the classic “Careful…Careful… Timmy, get down from there right now or you are going to fall!” Or “Don’t do that Chip it’s dangerous. Get that out of your nose this instant.” I couldn’t understand why they didn’t just let the kid be a kid. Kids hurt themselves. Big deal right?


    You see my contempt was because I saw concern as over-protective. For all I cared, someone else’s kids could play paddy-cake with bear cubs if their parents would keep their mouths shut and not tell them to “Watch out for the mama bear.” Not because I wanted them to get injured, but I hated hearing the caution. In my childless world-view, I thought the priority was the experience of life, and if you get hurt then so be it… just a part of the learning process. They were not my kids. I wasn’t going to have to deal with the repercussions. I was just going to keep living my life.

    But now I get it.

    You don’t want your kid to get hurt, because it is you who is going to be affected by the consequences. Of course there is the altruistic part of any parent that loves their child and does not want to see them suffer… but there is also another side. A side that says “OMG, I seriously do now want to deal with my kid’s broken arm, and getting string cheese lodged in his cast to rot for the next 6 weeks.”

    Part of me still believes that kids have to hurt themselves, and it is a small price to pay for an adventurous childhood… but that same part of me now sees this as a theory, like communism, or the Gluten Free/Sugar Free diet. A good idea, but who wants to live that way.

    In a way, when I think back to my own childhood, I have to say, either my mom transcended this afore mentioned selfish propensity, or she is just pleasantly out of it. Here are just a few examples of “safety” according to my mom…

    Example 1: (Actual Quote) “I don’t know that much about car seats Toni… you just sat in my lap in the front seat while I nursed you.”

    Example 2: (Actual Quote) “In those days we didn’t know smoking a pack a day of Marlborough Red’s while pregnant was bad for you…”

    Example 3 (Actual Quote) “Why don’t you and you and your brother hop in the back of the pick up truck.”

    Example 2 (Actual Quote) “Toni, driving your children around is a republican thing to do. Why don’t you just bike there? It is only 20 miles that way. You just take a left, a right, a right, a left, a left, and then a right. You will find it. If you get lost, just ask a stranger.”

    (Can’t be too safe in the bath)

    (Watch out for those pillows!)

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  • Diaper Dilemma

    I consider myself to be a conscious consumer. Meaning, I try to consider the larger impact of purchases I make. How does this effect the environment? Where is this made? Who made this? Did some baby in the developing world make this for my baby?

    As such, the idea of diapers really stresses me out. All the crazy statistics about billions of diapers…. 27.4 BILLION diapers are used EACH YEAR in the US, resulting in 3.4 million TONS ending up in landfills EACH YEAR. That is a staggering statistic.

    So originally, I thought I would use cloth diapers. But I haven’t gotten my act together yet to make that happen. There is no excuse. I just haven’t.

    This is the problem. Huggies are amazing. They are the best diapers ever. They do not leak. They really contain poo.

    How do I reconcile this contradiction?

    So this is what I have done so far. I use 7th generation during the day, and Huggies at night. She no longer poos during the night, so if I put her in Huggies, I don’t have to change her, which helps us both sleep better. Yeah, she has about 3 pounds of pee in the morning, but she has yet to get any diaper rash or problem because of it.

    I am also looking into GDiapers, which you can get at They have 100% biodegradable refill backs and are really cute cloth diapers. Now that older, she is pooing less during the day too, so it seems a little more manageable to make this happen.

    My point is that you don’t have to be a purist to do your part. Just do the best you can, and try and make some effort.

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  • The Moby Wrap (Baby Carrier)

    I am a big believer in taking walks with the baby. It is one of those activities that is pretty much a guaranteed good time. She either sleeps the whole time, or she has fun looking around at the world. It is of course amazing for me, because I get to be outside, don’t have to worry about entertaining her, and have some time to talk on the phone or listen to music.

    The key to a happy walking situation is your carrier. My favorite is the “Moby Wrap.”

    The Moby Wrap is amazing because it is super comfortable for you (mommy) and is really cozy for baby. It is kind of like a kangaroo pouch. If your baby is sleepy, chances are they will fall right asleep and stay that way. If your baby wakes up, and wants to look around, you can either untuck their heads, or take them out, and face them to the front.

    The Moby Wrap is also really convenient for those of you that have to deal with seasons. Like the winter. Because the baby’s limbs are contained within the fabric, it is an extra layer to keep them warm. Also, because they are basically flattened to your belly, I find that I can wear a big sweatshirt, and then a big coat over the baby still in the wrap. (Stuff you would wear while preggo). So if I put her in a snowsuit, and then have my clothing over her too, I don’t have to worry about it being 20 degrees outside.

    Lastly, the way the baby is positioned in the Moby is like they are hugging you. It is the best feeling, because babies don’t really hug. You can hug them, but they seem down with the whole hugging back yet. So having them in the Moby makes you feel super loved :o)

    PS I found this video to be the best for Moby instructions

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  • Sleeping with Baby

    Sleeping with the baby is a controversial topic. There are legitimate concerns regarding the safety of the baby. I can’t speak to those with any authority, and of course think the safety of your baby is TOP PRIORITY.

    I happen to be a really light sleeper. I also have a big bed, and have chosen to sleep with my baby. It makes waking up at night much easier, because she is right there, and I can just breast feeder her side-lying.

    If you want to sleep near your baby but are nervous about bringing them into your bed I would look into Co-Sleepers. They are like a temporary crib that parks right next to your bed and basically serves as an extension of your bed. That way you have all the convenience of having your baby near you, but you do not have to stress about their safety!

    Here is a good place to find potential co-sleepers

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  • Swaddling

    So if I was tired, and wanted to go to sleep, and you grabbed a giant blanket and tried to wrap me up so my arms and legs were completely disabled… I would not be psyched. I would not sleep better. I would not feel calm and cozy. I would probably think I was in a Turkish Prison.

    But even though the idea of being restricted for you as an adult feels like torture, I am a HUGE believer of the swaddle for babies.

    I notice it all the time, when I put my baby down, her arms and legs will shoot out like she is falling through the earth. This reflex supposedly dates back to when we were monkey’s and had to hang on to our mom’s fur for dear life. So it is cute, but totally unnecessary, because I am pretty sure I don’t expect her to hang on to my sweatshirt as I swing down my stair case. I got you kid… with my opposable thumbs and all.

    So when you swaddle them, you may notice they thump and wiggle around in there, but these movement do not seem to disturb them in the same way as when they are totally exposed. In a way, it makes total sense. Besides the whole feeling like she is back in the womb thing, I think people need some restrictions in life to feel safe. When life is too limitless, it feels almost manic. I think we all can get over-stimulated if there is zero regulation. Bounderies are healthy. Think of how important they are in relationships.

    I digress… point is, I was already swaddling my baby at night, but I was not during the day. As I have mentioned before, I didn’t have a set schedule for her, so I wasn’t anticipating her need for a nap. I would just notice she was tired, and then pick her up and rock her, and before I knew it she was sleeping in my arms. If I tried to put her down, she would wake up.

    But then, I got this brilliant idea!

    If I know my baby is tired, I swaddle her before I rock/nurse her. That way, she is already all contained, and when I try to put her down, she actually stays asleep! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS? IT MEANS THAT I CAN DO SOMETHING ELSE WITH MY TIME WHILE SHE SLEEPS! This was a huge revelation for me!

    My favorite swaddling blanket is “the miracle blanket”

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  • Baby Rashes and Breast Milk

    As I was staring at my beautiful little baby’s face, I noticed something. A rash. Gasp!

    “Mom! What is this? What is on her face?”

    “Oh Toni, that is just a little rash… all babies get rashes.” Not my baby!

    Not that I have unrealistic expectations of perfection… I just didn’t want my little love button to have a rash. I personally hate rashes… and even though this one was pretty mild, I had nothing else to think about.

    Later that day, as she was slobbering on my boob having her 30th meal of the day, I noticed that she was kinda drooling breast milk out of the corner of her mouth. Not sure what possessed me to do this, but I dipped my finger in the milk that was seeping down her cheek, and put it on her eye-lid where the rash was.

    Low and behold, a few hours later the rash was totally gone! I don’t mean improved, I mean disappeared. Since then I have tried it a few other times, and EVERY TIME THE RASH GOES AWAY!

    So if you baby has a rash, try breast milk before you try any product. I swear it totally works! If you are not breast feeding, I also found that “Burts Bee’s Diaper Rash” cream works really well too!

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