I like snow peas.  I like talking, and not talking.  I am pretty fond of fireflies.  But not too many of them.  Too many of anything gets creepy.  I think thinking is pretty rad.  I am also a fan of reading.  I have a lot of writing experience… I write quite a few text messages each day, and I am known to respond to most emails I receive.  So I think that qualifies me to write a blog.

I was just pregnant, and consequently, had a bebe. Needless to say, I have bebe on the brain. So this is a blog mostly about chick shit and bebe babble… but there are many faces of the Buddha… I used to live in New York City, but now I am living in the sticks of New Hampsha. I think living in the cuntree is pretty rad. You can contact me at tonibologna.com@gmail.com