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Toni Bologna princess

Toni is a writer who composes many text messages and answers most emails. She writes for a variety of publications including Huffington Post, Salon, Alternet, Thought Catalog, Hairpin, DoYouYoga, Elephant Journal and blah blah blah you get it.  Toni has a lot of Facebook friends – which is where she finds her self-esteem – and she is also a filmmaker.  She’s made two shorts and just competed her first feature film.  She has also written 3 feature length scripts, and has a series of online videos that you can see here.  Toni writes, directs, acts in, and edits her short vids… she obviously doesn’t have control issues.  Toni spends her life creating content for the internet with the sole purpose of distracting people from their lives and keeping them on the internet.  She started her own production company called “Cavelight Productions” and has produced two documentary films.  Toni is obviously a workaholic, and has few real life friends… if there is such a thing as “real life.” Toni graduated from Sarah Lawrence College with a double major in dance and philosophy – hence why she spends her time spinning in circles questioning the meaning of it all.

 You can contact her at tonibologna.com@gmail.com

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