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Live Your Art

I want The Munch to be artistic.  For her to have a relationship to creation, and the outlet of imagination manifested. I don’t care if her career is artistic; I just want art to be a part of her life.  My friend Addy always talks about “living your art” and that is exactly the philosophy I want share with Munch.

I really vibe on creative people. Even the pretentions take themselves so seriously their laughter is expressed through internalized convulsions waving in and out of existence types.  I just dig the effort to speak through a medium that can just as easily be misinterpreted, as it can be moving.

Expression is a really esoteric concept.  Every human has a truth inside of them, a perspective, a vision, that is worth sharing, even if the “art world” often feels unobtainable.  I can’t tell you how many times I have seen art, witnessed a performance, read something and pretended to get it.

“Oh yeah… I totally understood what was going on there.  The way she was dressed as a bull fighter while simulating raping that half peeled orange with a thumbtack Mohawk.  Totally a metaphor for Reaganomics.”

I hope Munch has totally bizarre inventive ideas throughout her life that she conveys through some innovative channel.  Even if I don’t always fully understand the message…. Like this below finger painting which according to The Munch is “the moon, with a little bit of the sun.”