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It Is Always Something

Life is a series of things sucking, then not sucking, then sucking again. You will have one problem, then it will clear up, another problem will arise, then that problem will go away and you may have a few hours with no problems, but then another problem comes into your life. No matter what, there is always something going on that sort of sucks.

Take my issue with sleep for example. Since she was born I chose to sleep with The Munch partly because I love her, partly because it was easier with the breastfeeding, and partly because she was warm. I loved being close to her energy, our dreams intertwining in the astral field, but I did not enjoy how she woke me up every two hours to snack on my fun bags.

After a year and half of never really sleeping and countless times being sick because my adrenal glands were so taxed, I decided to put her in a crib in her own room. I thought that this was going to be a super dramatic painful experience, but it was surprisingly not. She cried for about 20 minutes the first night, 5 the next, 2 the next, and maybe 10 seconds the days to come.

Amazing right????

So now that my sleeping torture is solved you would think life was perfect. Nope wrong. Now she is super emotional and needy in the mornings like a weepy drunk college girl who just broke up with her boyfriend. Thank the universe that I am finally getting sleep and have the patience of Nelson Mandela because I am spending my first waking hours telling her she is pretty, that she will of course find someone new to love, and no your butt is not getting fat.

Check out how insanely tired I look… My eye bags rival Bill Clinton’s and Vince Vaughn’s!

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