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Too Much of A Good Thing is A Bad Thing

Too much of a good thing ends up being pretty bad.

Example 1: Frosting on cake.

Cake without frosting is just sugar bread, but cake with too much frosting will stick to the clitoris in the back of your throat and make you gag.

Example 2: Sex

Everyone loves having sex…unless you have had too much.  Then you are rubbed raw 🙁

Example 3: Butterflies

Who doesn’t adore butterflies? You have to be a total psycho not to point out a butterfly floating in a field with an exclamation of awe. “Look everyone… a butterfly!”  And then they would all look and relish in the wonder of it all… maybe even an orgy would ensue, all because of your butterfly spotting.  Butterflies seem pretty awesome now right?

Unless you are in a room full of butterflies flapping around all Silence of The Lambs like.  Munch and I went to the butterfly museum the other day where they had a tropical room full of a massive variety of these creatures.  On the one hand it was totally peaceful and magical, but at the same time, if they had all flown to me and covered my being completely with their spindly legs and fuzzy bodies so I was wearing a suit of butterflies, I think I would have shat my pants.

Doesn’t it look like the butterfly and The Munch are in a fight and giving each other the silent treatment?



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