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These Jeans Are Too Tight!

Wearing sweatpants or leggings everyday of your life is generally frowned upon.  People seem really attached to the idea that zippers and buttons are a sign of “caring” about your appearance.  I personally have tried to get around this by still wearing maternity jeans 3-years after my pregnancy.  I mean, they are basically jeans, just the entire top half is stretchy fabric that is designed to go around a distended stomach… so after about 3 hours the butt part has drooped to my thighs because of the inevitable sag, but I still think it is a good look.

In The Munch’s short life here on planet earth, she has never worn a pair of jeans.  She has sported nothing but pajamas, tights, leggings, and the classic outfit of diaper and bare legs – which I think is totally making a come back.  I mean, why have to deal with a restricting waistband if you don’t have to right?  She was living the dream!  But eventually I decided it was time to get The Munch some real pants.  I don’t really know why.  Maybe because I thought it would be funny to see what my kid looked like in a pair of jeans.

Of course the only ones Munch liked had a bunch of stars on them, but I have to say, I wish my jeans had stars all over them… so nice style Munch!  It took about 2 months for me to finally get her to try them on, but for some reason, this was the weekend my kid decided to wear jeans.

So I guess all jeans now are skinny jeans – even for kids?  So I am thinking my GAP cargos are officially not hot anymore? Wait, were they ever?  Of course wearing skinny jeans takes some getting used to, as The Munch wasn’t accustomed to having her mobility compromised.  Not only was she constantly adjusting them, pulling them up, unbuttoning them, and playing with the zipper, but she was also making me do everything for her because of the hindrance her pants caused.

Munch: Mamma, can you stop doing yoga for a second and go over there and dump out my bag of babies?

Toni: Munch, why don’t you go to that yourself?

Munch: Yeah because my jeans are too tight and I can’t.


Munch: Mamma, can you give me a push on the bike please?

Toni: Munch you can get the bike started.  Just peddle your legs!

Munch: Yeah, but I can’t.  I need a push because my jeans are too tight.


Munch: Mamma, can take my shoes off for me?

Toni: Munch, you know how to get your shoes off, you can take them off your self.

Munch: Actually no I can’t.  I can’t sit down because my jeans are too tight.

Toni: Dude, lets change these pants and get those jeans off you.

Munch. NOOOOOOOOO!! I LIKE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Toni: But you can’t do anything? You keep asking me to do everything because your jeans are too tight!

Munch: Yeah but Mom I like them! They make me look beautiful! Can I wear them again tomorrow!?

Sigh… I am really in for it with this one.

(Here I am in my super sexy maternity jeans, and here is The Munch really contemplating skinny jeans and their value to society)