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Playing Hard to Get

I am too easy.  If you are nice to me, there is a pretty good chance I am going to be nice to you back.  People who make it challenging to befriend them fascinate me.  It is more satisfying to make someone like you who is seemingly super judgmental, because it will make you feel special.  Like you are the chosen one.  When someone is pleasant to everyone, there is no accomplishment in getting them to be interested in you.  But when you can’t be sure if someone likes you because they don’t seem to like anyone, winning them over is like a triumph. Although there is a fine line between playing hard to get and coming off as a total snob, I respect people who know how to straddle it.  (But not in a porno way).

In the beginning of relationships I usually come off as too available and too eager beaver- and here, yes, in a porno way.  However, I can sense if you think I am too enthusiastic and I will know it is time to pull back.  Then its time for you to chase me!  Because you will wonder what you did to make me stop being so entranced by you, and the tables will turn!

A lot of girls who play hard to get are labeled “bitchy” and I am proud to say The Munch is looking like she will make the cut.  She makes people work for her affection.  Especially with boys her age, which I think is a good sign.  She has no problem running and screaming from kids she finds too aggressive.  She will cry in in a child’s face if he gets too close to her on the slide, and has no issue rejecting people. I admire that in a woman.  Oh Munch, I have so much to learn from you.







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One Response to Playing Hard to Get

  1. alia says:

    catchy intro as always. yet, i have never ever played it hard to get. Am always the one to leave tho 😛 So I guess I’m hard to keep 😛 I love to see the reactions of people to those who never play it hard to get, especially on an social interaction level rather than romantic. And back to the romantic level, I think its 100 per cent unattractive when a man plays it hard to get even tho its beyond obvious that he likes you. Its unmanly and unsexy. Women can get away with it, And the Muchess certainly carries it off beautifully 😉

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