Noises That Make Your Teeth Itch

Everyone has sensitivity to a noise that is so disturbing, so irritating, that it makes your teeth itch. Of course there are the classics like nails on a chalkboard, or grating metal, which even writing about induced goose-bumps the size of blueberries, provoking me to smack my head as if there were bats tangled in my hair. Then there are particular sounds unique to the individual that make you shiver worse than an after pee tremor. I know you got one…

Just thinking about certain noises makes me so agitated I could commit myself, let alone the torture of having to experience it. Now this is where my current conundrum lies. With an adult, I can tell them that if they don’t stop making that grinding sound with their teeth I am going to decapitate them… but with a baby, they don’t quite get the imagery.

Yeah… so The Munch now has 5 teeth which for whatever reason, she likes to grind together…. It is the worst noise in the universe.

Excuse me… I have to go tear my hair out at its roots and kick the air just thinking about that soul sucking sound.

I don’t know how to tell her to stop because if I yell she cries and gets scared, making me feel like a jerk. If I try to explain to her how the sound of her teeth grinding together makes me want to turn my skin inside out and suck on the bones of my skeleton, she spaces out. If I make a fun noise to distract her she thinks it’s a game and does it some more.

So here is the question… what is more powerful my love for her, or my ability to withstand that noise? I guess I better invest in some earplugs. Sigh…

“What? You mean this noise??”