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Does wearing underwear make you civilized?

This is going to be one of those blog posts that The Munch is really going to resent me for in the future.  Knowing this let me just say to future Munch, sorry.  I just had to.

Two-year old Munch, who is now potty trained, refuses to wear underwear.  It is just not her thing.  Maybe this could work out if she didn’t insist on wearing her party dress every day of her life.  Call me old fashioned, but party dress and no panties is pretty much a recipe for trouble.  I am living in a 24-hour porno up in here.

Now I get where she is coming from.  Underwear does kind of suck.  And come to think of it so do pants.  I am sure it is much more comfortable and freeing for the wind to graze your genitals and keep that whole area fresh.  I am empathetic to her cause and try not to think about it too deeply as she crawls all over my lap, couch, and pillows.

But what happens when I take her out into the world? Or people come over to the house? My mom tells me that my brother and I would also like to be naked as children, and that one fateful evening my brother was climbing on one of my mother’s house guest with his “wingy ding” flopping round in their ear. (* I forgot to mention this blog post will also be one that my brother will currently resent me for).  Am I going to be type of parent that lets her child flash dance in her guests faces? Probably.

My mom also suggested we get her really pretty underwear that she would be excited about.  So she had some delivered and we ceremoniously opened them and talked all about these magic underwear that were so beautiful.  The Munch did like the underwear, and took great joy in looking at them, folding them, and putting them on her head.  But yeah… doesn’t look like she is covering up that ass anytime soon.

7 Responses to Does wearing underwear make you civilized?

  1. holly says:

    Actually your brother, who will remain nameless for the sake of his dignity, was really poking our guests ears with his um….well, you get the picture. But you both thought that you were more like Spiderman or the Pink Panther when nekkid. You did eventually wear clothes and I think you both wear underwear. These underpants look awfully big for her even though they are extra small. Tell her if she keeps her bup warm, one day a baby will come out of it. That should freak her out.

  2. ipek says:

    Actually this is a great hat style for people who would like to keep their head warm while their pigtails are sticking out from sides..
    My friends daughter Lolo, another lovely creature, was acting out the same when she was Munch age. One day she made a quick visit to the bathroom and then jumped on me. By the time I realized she was actually wiping hem bumbum on my dress, it was too late..So I learned to stay clear from the ones without underwear the hard way..Kinda traumatizing.
    I love ur brothers story too:))

  3. tonibologna says:


  4. den says:

    We deal with this every day. Lily loves being naked and won’t put her underwear or pants back on after she goes to the bathroom. And she also doesn’t like to wipe. Instead, she runs down the hallway and I can only hope air dries, because she then uses the next thing she touches (rug, couch, pillow, leg, cat, etc.) to wipe. Let me know if you figure it out.

  5. aallia says:

    hilarious! holly’s comment takes it to another level- now i see where u get it all from 😛

  6. Emily says:

    This might be the best picture ever!!!!! Maybe she would like baby thongs better???

  7. Emily says:

    I wouldn’t wear those granny panties EITHER!

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