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You Are Sucking My Will To Live

From the moment my child opens her eyes in the morning, until she closes them at night, her mouth is flapping at an alarming speed. The Munch has no concept of an “inner monologue” or “private thoughts.” Everything and anything that travels through the synapsis of The Munch’s brain, she feels the compulsion to share.

The Munch has also developed a lovely tendency of having a constant stream of requests. The tasks are as endless as her imagination. Her key strategy of success is that she is never rude in her excessively demanding behavior. She graciously lets her desires known, and does so relentlessly.

Munch: Mamma, can you please pass my lamb? Mamma, would you mind getting me some juice? Mamma, could you change my dress for me? Mamma, will you please get my baby from upstairs? Mamma, will you help me look for my headband? Mamma, will you tighten my ponytail five times? Will Mamma… Mamma… Mamma.

There is a common cliché that boys are physically exhausting where girls are mentally draining. Ummmm yeah. That pretty much sums up my life. So I decided The Munch and I had to have a little chat about all this.

Toni: Dude, you really have gotten quite demanding of your Mamma?
Munch: No I haven’t!
Toni: Munch, all day you are asking me to do stuff for you. Although I appreciate the fact that you ask nicely and are polite, you can’t just tell me what to do all day. Seriously this behavior is sucking my will to live.
Munch: Sucking your will to live?! Mom, that sounds so silly. Can you please tighten my ponytail 5 times again and then tell me a story, and then make my baby doll talk?


3 Responses to You Are Sucking My Will To Live

  1. olga davidson says:

    Hahahahahahaha!!!!! Before you know it, she will be telling you to get out of her room and leave her alone!!!!!!!! This is a very sweet moment in her life but she could learn the ability to play or work beside someone, with out their constant involvement. This can be spelled out when you make the “babies talk.”

  2. Laszlo Nagy says:

    Toni, I think I figured out 50% of why the blog of yours is funny. It is because the photos and captions are so incongruous. Like, there’s a picture of you with lipstick and you are doing whatever with the baby, but then you put the mouse over it and it says “you are sucking my will to live.” It is hilarious. // As to the subject matter at hand, I think with her imperatives, you should adopt the Socratic method. Be like “why are you asking me to get you the doll?” And then she can announce her reason. You can then ask her “what would you say if I told you to get the doll yourself?” Answer her imperatives with questions because then you will be training her to exercise her reason. And this would be worthwhile and it might involve your not having to get up and do anything … but yes the mental exhaustion would be there, but at least you’d be able to get her to think about how she might defend her requests … so in a sense you can at least justify the effort by thinking how you are assisting in her actual education. I know you sort of do this already but the key thing is that not all imperatives have to be met with acquiescence. // This might be my clumsy way of saying “keep on doing what you are doing.” But when she can do something for herself, get her to do it because then she might learn (pavlov dog style) that it is easier for her to do a given thing herself than to debate with you in order to get you to do a given thing for her.

  3. Toni Nagy says:


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