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Things People Do That I Find Really Annoying

I find the following things insanely annoying when people….


1)    Say “guac” instead of guacamole

2)    Give themselves backwards compliments by pretending to be humble. Example: “It is so embarrassing when random guys on the street tell me how hot I am.”

3)    Nervously laugh at things they say that aren’t funny, and are trying to passive aggressively tell me what to do.  Example: “Could you not stand so close to me? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.”

4)    Use the word “milk” with too much guttural attention to the “k”

5)    Ask to borrow something and then won’t give it back until I remind them ten times that I need it

6)    Tailgate

7)    Drive too slowly

8)    Take too many pictures of themselves with a Zoolander face and outstretched arm holding the camera

9)    Tell me I look tired

10)  Get mad at me for getting mad at them

11) Like snuggling in blankets while watching TV (I know this is kind of weird on my part… )

12) Floss their teeth while talking to me

13) Always say things are “going great”

14) Always complain

15) Ask me to stop interrupting them…

Check out my go-go-Gadget arm here! And don’t you DARE tell me I look tired!