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The Magic of Entertainment

When you are feeling depressed there is nothing like the enchantment of TV to distract you from the misery that is life.  Rather then dealing with whatever is making you pick at scabs that are not ready, the fake lives of other people can transport you to a place of comfort and denial.  It is like curling into the soft bosom of a female Sasquatch that just went to the salon for a nice conditioning treatment and blowout.

When I am feeling good about life, I am definitely one of those people who pretends I never watch anything because I am too busy living life to the fullest and being in the present moment in a totally mindful genuine authentic way.  But when the heaviness of existence sits on my shoulders like a confused participant of a 69, I find such solace in knowing that I can spend my time thinking about characters on TV instead.

Dare I say I even look forward to watching certain shows more than seeing friends!

This is not good.  I know this.  I feel even dirtier about it because I don’t let Munch watch anything so I have to hide my addiction like a strung out junkie.  I know that I am not always like this.  I am an anti-commercialist- menses mistress- Wiccan priestess who does not support the forced meditation that is the screen.  But right now all my brain can handle is wondering how many days after birth did Betty film her “fat scenes” for Madmen or who is going to win The Voice.

“Uhhhh Mama… after you are done looking through Hulu can you make me something to eat?”