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Music Rocks (Except When It Is All The Same)

The relationship between music and humans is a love story. You have to wonder about the first person who technically “made” music, but I am sure they were inspired by the existing music of nature. The music of rain, the music of thunder, the music of the ocean’s waves, the music of wind, the music of breath, the music our mouths make when they mingle in the soaking veil of dancing tongues… oh… wait… sorry, I got carried away.

It is human nature to move our bodies to music with its soothing repetition daring our hearts to synchronize with the rhythm. Babies instinctually know to bounce and sway to the beat.

They love music and they also love singing.

Okay, but this is where things get kind of queer. Babies do love singing, but they have seriously crappy tastes sometimes. If I try to sing The Beatles or Zeppelin to The Munch she is pretty ambivalent… but “itsy bitsy spider” or “the wheels on the bus” and I feel like Adel she is so overcome by my talent.

So this is what I noticed. All these songs have the same stupid tune!!!

ABC (The Alphabet Song)
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Bah Bah Black Sheep

This spider wasn’t so itsty bitsy, but The Munch LOVED her

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