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Is She Sad?

Most of the time when we talk about people we have the decency to do it behind their backs.  It is pretty rare to turn to the person next to you to gossip about the person across from you.  Usually that thought of being overheard is enough to keep your commentary to yourself.

But The Munch doesn’t seem to have this filter.  If we are in public and she feels like talking about the strangers we come into contact with, she just does it.  With out any shame.  And always just loud enough that the hear everything.

Munch: “Mamma, who is that girl?”

Toni: “I don’t know Munch I have never met her.”

Munch: “Is she a girl, or is she old?”

Toni: “Ummmm I think she is in the middle.”

Munch: “So she is not old?”

Toni: “No Munch, she is just right?”

Munch: “Is she sad?”

Toni: “I don’t think so.”

Munch: “She looks sad.”

Toni: “She is fine Munch.”

Munch: “Now she looks angry.  Is she angry Mamma?”

Toni: “Probably.”

Munch: “What is that man doing over there?”

Toni: “Uhhhhh he is just shopping Munch.”

Munch: “And he is wearing shoes?”

Toni: “Yeah he sure is.”

Munch: “And his shoes are dirty?”

Toni: “I guess they are, yes.”

Munch: “So he can’t wear them in his house? Or is his house dirty?”

Toni: “I am sure he just takes them off before he goes inside.”

Munch: “Is he angry? Is that man angry?”

Toni: “Yeah, I think he is.”

Munch: “Mamma, is that girl hungry over there? Or is she full?”

Toni: “I think she is hungry Munch, that’s why she is ordering a sandwich.”

Munch: “She looks full.”

Toni: “Well, she is not full.”

Munch: “Mamma is that girl angry?”

Toni: “For sure.”

(What’s the big deal Mamma…. its just a little coffee talk).



3 Responses to Is She Sad?

  1. I just love it when you write up your conversations with her. It makes me happy, not sad.

  2. Emily C.G. says:

    I love you both!!!!!!

  3. Rose says:


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