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I Rule You

Tell me this isn’t the best picture of all time. LOOK HOW HUGE I AM! It is like I am this overpowering domineering force, and Munch is this tiny helpless being under my reign.  Man do I wish this was the actual case in our relationship.  But it is more like she is the supreme being over me.  Munch rules me.  I know this isn’t right.  I know that technically I am the boss in our dynamic. But it is difficult when she is so persuasive.  And by persuasive I mean as annoying as fuck.  Her moans and outcries of despair are so overwhelming that I so often give in to her whims just to shut her face.

We have been traveling, so I have been EXTRA enabling of her wants.  She lives such a sheltered life at home, and I am probably being over sensitive to her needs but… hey,  I am doing the best I can and trying to get through the day.

So when I was putting her to bed the other night things got kind of twisted.  Rather than just gong to bed like she normally does, she started debating with me.

“Mamma, you go to bed.  Get in the crib.”

“No Munch I am too big,  I can’t fit in the crib.”

“Get in your crib Mamma, get on the bed.  I want to watch you sleep.”

“You want to watch me sleep?”

“Yes Mamma, get in your crib, I want to watch you.”

So then I lay down, and she stood there. Watching me. Making sure I didn’t go anywhere. Just looking at me. Man, kids can be really creepy.










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