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Dinner With My Brother

Last night I went out to dinner with my brother Laszlo.  Everything was going well as we chatted about normal things.  Like music, and how Laszlo envisions that once the planet is overrun by transhumanists, cyborgs and androids will really dig his beats.  He went on to explain how his sound has real robot appeal, and that he sees a feasible market for himself in the future.  You know… the usual meal banter.

We were getting along as well as siblings can, until I tried to rush the cheese.

Laszlo: I think we should get some dessert.

Toni: I am not sure if I will have time. In fact, why don’t we get a doggy bag so you can take some of this stuff home?

Laszlo: Yeah sure why not. I can take the rest of this bread with me… and these left over mushrooms…. And these 5 fries you didn’t eat… and….

Toni: Sure and we can pack up that cheese as well and get going.

Laszlo: What are you talking about? I am not hurrying this cheese. I am not in a rush.

Toni: I know you are not, but I still have to drive two hours home, and it is already 8:20.

Laszlo: But you just heard me order a coffee.  You can’t have me rush my cheese and coffee.  That is inhumane.  It is my basic human right to enjoy my cheese and coffee and even have 5 minutes to digest them before I leave.

Toni: Yeah but I have a two hour drive home with a 3 year old remember?

Laszlo: Yeah but we are talking about my justices as a person on planet earth.  You can leave me here if you want.  But you cannot rush my cheese and coffee experience.

Now let me just say, this was actually my brother’s second dinner of the night.  The first was with my parents and The Munch… where he not only got dinner, but also dessert.  But this was no time for logic.  Laszlo already was emotionally violated by my mere suggestion of packing up the cheese.  If I had left, he obviously would have felt pretty insulted. And as much as I was feeling the pressure to go, Laszlo was committed to leisurely enjoying his dairy-stimulant combo.  The tension rose as he placed 1 of the 17 cheese squares left in his mouth.  I didn’t want to ruin our nice time so….

Toni: Okay.  I won’t rush the coffee and cheese.

Sometimes as a sister you just have to give in, and let your brother eat a pound of cheese.

Laszlo: Okay.  Now I am ready.  That was a good compromise. I got to be a civilized person who consumes at a reasonable rate, but I didn’t make you get dessert.