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Can You Do Me A Favor And Not Ask For Any More Favors?

If you are going to ask people to do favors for you, then be prepared to do favors for them. It is all part of the favor etiquette. You of course act like “I would do anything for you – because I love you,” but really you are saying “Yeah fine I will do this super annoying thing and act cool about it, but get ready because I am going to be asking you to do something for me real fucking soon.”

Recently The Munch and I have been having a battle of the wills over the concept of favors. I can understand how this may be a slightly confusing concept considering there is a nuanced distinction between favors and the rest of our day where I am blatantly telling her what to do. With favors there is an element of will involved. You are not demanding something of someone, but asking… while hoping they comply out of the goodness of their hearts because you will be SUPER resentful if they don’t.

For Munch, me asking her for a favor is no different than the 500 other insistences of the day – like my suggestion she doesn’t pee in the bath. But what she does not understand is that 99% of my ordering her around is for HER benefit not MINE. It is not like it matters to me if she has chocolate all over her face – but I have to recommend wiping it off so she doesn’t look demented. So when I ask for a favor it is one of the FEW requests where she does something for me. Munch will do it, but then she thinks of absurd favors for me to do in retaliation. Wait… I guess she totally gets the idea of favors after all.

Toni: Hey Munch, will you pass me my shoes that are right next to you.
Munch: Sure. Here you go.
Toni: Thanks.
Munch: Mamma, will you go upstairs and get my polkadot headband?
Toni: Ummm, you are already wearing a headband.
Munch: I know, but I need my polkadot one.
Toni: Why don’t you get it yourself Munch. You are a big girl.
Munch: But Mom, I am asking you to do me a favor!


2 Responses to Can You Do Me A Favor And Not Ask For Any More Favors?

  1. Khy Logan says:

    Too cute!

  2. Laszlo Nagy says:

    I like it how any request can be turned into a favor if the initial request is denied. I think the key thing with something to be a favor is that it has to be initially introduced as a favor. Requests can’t be turned into favors retroactively. // I suppose the only way one can keep her sense of favors in tact is for you to put a balance sheet of favors granted between the two of you, and this could be a crude way of imparting the concept to her. There is a sense in which favors are supposed to be kept track of. But she’d have to be able to read for this.

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