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Are All Kids OCD, Or Just Mine?

Kids are really into routines.  I guess it calms their frenetic child minds when they can expect what is coming next.  I can see how that would be comforting.  It must be unsettling having no sense of time, never knowing what day it is, and having some giant who speaks mostly in tongues orchestrate your day.   Insisting that they know best when you should sleep, and that you shouldn’t suck all the toothpaste off the toothbrush.

I am empathetic to The Munch and her particularities.  But sometimes I notice that she gets obsessed in really peculiar and somewhat irrational ways.  Like she has to line up her toys on the bathtub rim in a perfect line, will only wear tights and never socks, eats popsicles only after they have melted, or insists on cutting off all the tags clothes because she thinks they are itchy.  Well actually, I totally relate to the tag thing and do that myself.  I have 45 shirts with holes in the back collar.  I have heard that an obsession with tags touching skin is a mark of high functioning autism but whatever.

The Munch needs things to be exactly how she wants them to be, and if I don’t honor her eccentricities it is like I tied up her Elmo doll and sodomized him in front of her.

Example 1:

Munch: “My hands are cold!”

Toni: “Here Munch, I have your mittens.  Let me put them on you.”

Munch: “No I don’t want to wear them! The thumbs are floppy!”

Toni: “Munch look, they are hardly floppy. I will pull them tight.  See.  Not floppy.”

Munch: “THEY ARE FLOPPY! Take them off!!!!!!!!!”

Toni: “Okay fine!”

Munch: “Ahhhhhhh! My hands are cold!”

Example 2:

Munch: “Mamma, cut my sandwich.  I want two pieces.”

Toni: “Okay.”

Munch: “No! Now it’s falling apart! Fix it!”

Toni: “Well, I can’t un-cut it Munch.”

Munch: “The top is sliding off!!!”

Toni: “Here, you just have to hold it tight.”

Munch: “Ahhhhhhh it’s slipping!”

Toni: “Munch I can’t glue it together?”

Munch: “Put it back together! Un-cut it!”

Example 3:

Munch: “Are my babies in my crib for night-night?”

Toni: “Yes, they are in your crib waiting for you.”

Munch: “Other Baby, Old Baby, Water Baby, Car Seat Baby, New Baby, and Headband Baby?”

Toni: “Well, I think I forgot headband baby.”


Toni: “But I think she is in the car so lets see her tomorrow.”

Munch: “I NEED HER!!”

Toni: “Munch, you have like 100 babies in here. Lets just wait to see her until tomorrow.  She is sleeping in the car.”

Munch: “Go get her!! Go wake her up!! She is lonely!!”

Toni: “ Fine… I will go get her.  I will be right back.”

Munch: “Thank you Mamma.  Is my computer in the crib?”

Toni: “No Munch, your computer is down stairs.”

Munch: “But I need my computer in the crib!!”

Toni: “Well, that actually makes a lot of sense to me.”


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