Popping Bottles With My Dad

The other day I was playing with The Munch outside my parent’s house, and noticed my dad in the porch.  I figured he should come outside and keep me company….

Toni: Dad, come outside and talk to us.

My Dad: I am just opening the wine in the porch. Be right out.

Toni: Well why don’t you do it out here?

My Dad: You are right, and I can get Munch to help me.  She likes popping the corks out of wine bottles.

Toni: Wait what?  You have been “popping bottles” with my 3 year old before? Enough to know she likes it.

My Dad: Yeah why?

Toni: Nothing.

Munch: Babba, I want to play hide and seek with you!

My Dad: Okay.

Toni: Awwwww, that is sweet.  You have played hide and seek with her before?

My Dad: This is my strategy.  I tell her, ‘I am going to sit right here, in the same place.  Then, you go hide somewhere, close your eyes, count to 20, and come find me!’

Toni: That is seriously how you play hide and seek?

My Dad: Yeah! That way I never have to get up! I just say ‘where is Adelia,’ and she comes and finds me!

Munch: Okay Babba lets play! 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,16,17,18,19,20!!

My Dad: Where is Adelia? I can’t find her anywhere? Where is she?

Munch: Here I am!!!

My Dad: There you are! Now do you want to help me open this wine? I will let you pop the bottles!

(I have to say, even thought my Dad’s strategy of playing hide and seek is totally lame, it actually totally works.  Click munch hide and seek to watch.