Your Spirit VS My Sanity

The kind of kid you may idealize having is not necessarily the kind of person you would want to hang out with as an adult. Your dream kid probably does every thing you say, never talks back, doesn’t challenge you, and would never pull your hair while laughing hysterically as you try to free yourself.

But a complacent baby means a complacent adult, and what could be more boring than that?

Don’t get me wrong, I like nice people, but I would prefer a bitchy person with strong opinions to someone who just does everything I tell them to. Well, unless that person massages my feet on demand while feeding me frosting. That person can stay…. as long as we got someone else around to fuel the conversation.

My point is that all the things that are super annoying to deal with when raising a child, are the same ingredients that make an interesting human. Someone who questions, thinks for themselves, and wants to learn by trying even if that means pulling on your nose ring repeatedly to understand that yes it is attached to your face.

I want The Munch to be spirited, and to cultivate a personality powered by her prevailing will. Even though it may test my personal sanity when she sits on my face and bounces up and down when I am trying to do some sit-ups, I also know that is hilarious! And why am I sitting up just to go back down? That is crazy.

Even though she may get into everything she is not supposed to…. She is going to be one fun chick!