Why Do Babies Walk?

One of the first major accomplishments of a baby is walking. If you think about if from an evolutionary standpoint it is a really big deal, after all walking is what distinguishes us from our monkey cousins. Although are we really that different from monkeys if we share 96% of their DNA? If I gave you a brownie that was 96% poo, would you really eat it because that 4% chocolate? Just saying.

Okay, so walking is a major milestone. People ask you all the time “is your baby walking yet?” even when you are still pregnant. I was excited for The Munch to start walking. It meant that she was a real human and not just this baby I was carrying around to be fashion forward.

Now that she is walking, I am asking myself “why do babies walk?”

These are not rational, thoughtful, considerate people… these are babies. Babies who don’t care about handprints on your tv, if your computer falls, or that when you pull on a table cloth everything on the table will fall off. It doesn’t matter to them what your camera is used for. If they can reach it, they will grab it, throw it, put it in their mouths, and sometimes quite endearingly try to hand it to you… but then immediately get upset when you actually take it.

Babies shouldn’t be walking. They should just stay totally subordinate to your whims until they are old enough to have a reasonable conversation about what is and what is not permissible to man handle. Although, watching a baby learn to walk is one of the most adorable things ever. It is like watching a drunk college coed stumble around looking for more beer. SO cute!

“You can do it Munch!”