Talking to My Kid About Gay Marriage

Munch:  Mamma, lets play with my Little Mermaid dolls.

Toni: Okay…

Munch:  You will be Naked Ariel.  I will be Wedding Dress Ariel and Prince Eric.

Toni:  Why is this Ariel Naked?

Munch:  Because she used to have tail, but Ursula turned her into a human, so now she is naked.

Toni: Oh.

Munch: So you pretend that you are crying because Prince Eric is going to marry the other Ariel wearing the wedding dress.

Toni:  Waaaahhhhaaa.  Don’t marry Wedding Dress Ariel!

Munch (as Prince Eric): I am going to marry Wedding Dress Ariel.  Sorry Naked Ariel, but I am going to fly away with Wedding Dress Ariel high up in the sky.

Toni:  Can I fly away too?

Munch (as Prince Eric):  No – because you don’t have special powers.

Toni:  Well can you share some of your special powers so I can fly too?

Munch (as Wedding Dress Ariel):  No Naked Ariel.  Bye.  We are going to go away now to get married.

Toni:  But you guys aren’t being very nice.

Munch (as Wedding Dress Ariel): Well, we are going to get married so you are going to be alone Naked Ariel.

Toni: Well can’t we all get married?  We could be like one happy family.

Munch: Well, maybe Wedding Dress Ariel could marry Naked Ariel?

Toni:  Sure. That sounds like a great idea!

Munch:  But can two girls get married?

Toni:  Of course they can!

Munch:  Oh right.  Of course!  Two boys can get married too Mom.

Toni: Exactly!

Munch:  Okay.  So Naked Ariel and Wedding Dress Ariel can get married and Eric can just watch.

Toni:  Ummmm sounds like everyone is happy!

Munch (as Wedding Dress Ariel):  Come one Naked Ariel! Let’s get married then fly to the store together to get watermelon!

Toni: Sounds like a pretty awesome relationship.

It was just that easy