Surround Me With X Chromosomes!

Even though I may not be the most feminine girl you have ever met, I am fucking into that shit hard core – because I am a lady.

I like surrounding myself with X chromosome energy.  The majority of my friends are women… all my animals are females… if I am ill I prefer to see women healers… and when a human occupied my womb, I really wanted it to be a girl.

Not that I am a man-hater, or a man-eater for that matter – because they are too many calories.  I think men are swell!!  They are a nifty bunch.  I just tend to gravitate my interests towards things that revolve around menses and shedding endometrium.

Maybe the reason why I am obsessed with all things feminine is because I have a more masculine vibe, and I am trying to balance it out.  Or perhaps grandmother moon speaks through my labia?  Who knows?  My point is that if someone is standing on a soapbox talking about bitches, it is probably me…. listening to them because I don’t really use soap.

I guess I have inadvertently passed this mentality down to The Munch.  Not only is she into all things girly, she is also slightly bitchy towards men.  She can just cop more of an attitude with them.  Munch is hyper aware of gender, and would always rather have girls do things for her than those of the male persuasion.

My brother Laszlo was commenting on this phenomenon when the three of us were playing together outside.

Munch: Uncle Laszlo, no don’t push me on the hammock.  Only Mamma can push because she is a girl!

Laszlo: Man Toni… you really have indoctrinated all your pro-woman ideology onto this one.

Toni: You know I never did that on purpose, but I guess the energy was just too powerful in the quantum universe not to be absorbed through osmosis.

(Or maybe it is just a phase… )