Sometimes I Don’t Like People

The other day a friend came to visit while I wasn’t feeling well.  That is a nice gesture right??  To come to the house of someone who may or may not have an infectious disease and show them love.  Oh, and I also owed her money…

The Munch, who is usually pretty friendly and enjoys talking to my friends, was more reserved than usual.  My friend tried to engage her, but The Munch would just stare into the bowels of her being or hide underneath her umbrella.  Which she had opened in the house because she is a rebel like that!  After my friend left I decided to ask Munch about why she was so quite to see where she was coming from.

Toni: Munch, did you like Mamma’s friend?

Munch: Yeah.

Toni: But you didn’t feel like talking to her, or answering her questions?

Munch: No.  Not really.

Toni: Were you feeling shy?

Munch: No, not shy.

Toni: Well what was going on?

Munch: You know Mamma, sometimes I just don’t like being around people.

Toni: Yeah, I hear you kid.