School Sux

So The Munch starts school this week.  Well pre-school.  And it is a Waldorff School so you know there will be a lot of hand holding, singing songs about yacks, making quinoa infused bark patties, and playing outside with moss.   But still, it seems like a pretty big deal.

All last night I had nightmares about it.  Nothing specific.  Just the overall anxiety of how much I despised school.  The first day was always a particular type torture, and I never wanted summer to be over.  As I young kid I wasn’t into socializing, and think I did a lot of judging people.   I would feel awkward, and eat Milano cookies by myself while staring at the other children and their ignorant benevolence.  Even then I knew the world was a demented place and anyone that happy had to be in a serious state of denial. I have a vague memory of a kid named Micah who had a crush on me, and really hating him for that.

I hope The Munch makes friends, and the kids aren’t jerks to her.  Or a boy doesn’t “like “like” her and make her want to choke him for it.