Please Distract Me From World War 3

I think we all know that the whole Miley Cyrus debacle is mainly a distraction from the pending doom of WW3 and what is happening with the Syria crisis.  This looming chaos makes me want to scratch myself until I bleed.  There will be a lot of cascading consequences if the US attacks Syria.  When I think about this too hard I want to pick my scabs and listen to The Cure and forget any of this is even possible.

I decided I would read a bunch of articles about Syria because it is important to keep myself abreast on these issues.  But after today I think I am more of an ass-woman. Every thing I read made me sweat and squirm in my chair.  Head lines like “U.S Attack Would Spark ‘Ball of Fire in Whole Middle East’ Syrian Official Warns” is pretty fucking terrifying.

After an hour of “educating myself on the issues” all I wanted to do was read articles about what black lesbian dog owners with adoptive parents thought about the VMA’s.  I felt so powerless and wanted to distract myself with frivolous media.  Does anyone know if Jennifer Anniston is pregnant with a litter?

This whole idea that war will end war is beyond absurd to me at this point.  Killing more people doesn’t address the root causes of why people are killing each other.  It is baffling that we spend so much money on warfare rather than saving the environment that we are destroying at an alarming speed, or distributing resources and wealth so there isn’t this massive discrepancy between nations.  I wish aliens would attack us so we would finally figure out that we are one HUMAN race on one PLANET earth and we need to protect the totality of our livelihood and home by cooperating.

There are too many nuclear bombs and too much access to chemical warfare to be fucking around.  This isn’t the days where men battled face to face and the combat only affected those on the field.   Modern technology is fucked up and incredibly destructive to every living being on the planet.  Why do we have to wave our big dick weapons around still? Yeah, I get it… you all have big dicks and murderous weapons.  Great. Very impressive.  How about we focus on the bees dying or starving children instead?  I know when you break it down all war is motivated by money and the economy, but can’t we remember that money is just green paper? A mass illusion we introduced into the consciousness, and we are the only ones that give it value? Is this a real reason to become extinct as a species?

As much as I want to know what is going on, I also would rather twerk my way into a mental oblivion.  What can I do that is going to do to make an impact on a system that is governed by its own agenda?    I think I am going tweet president Obama “Hey, I think chemical warfare sucks, but so does World War 3” and consider that my activism for the day and go back to watching MTV?  Sometimes I think having your head up your ass is the best approach.



(Here are some links to make you want to vomit in your hands)