Nurse Me Back To Health

When I am sick I feel like a big baby.  I just want someone to nurse me back to health. Is that too much to ask of the world?  And that got me thinking, “hey, isn’t it interesting that not only does the verb “to nurse” mean to cure by special care and treatment, but also to suckle a baby!?”  Maybe the reason why the word is the same is because that is all we really want to make us feel better; a bosom to provide nourishment and cuddle up next to.

I started wondering which one of my friends would loan me their lactating breast, but then it hit me.  “Hey, I don’t want a boob the size of mine.  I want a giant titty to comfort me, one that will be in perfect proportion, allowing me to become the size of a baby and feel small and safe and taken care of.

Pretty sure Craig’s List should have what I am searching for.