My Philosophy On Spanking

According to this article, 90% of parents spank their children as a form of discipline.  It then goes on to explain that spanking is no more effective than other forms of punishment, and perhaps can cause more damage than its worth.  Teaching them that hitting is okay, shaming them, and hurting them.

I know some people think that kids these days are feral brats with no sense of boundaries that would benefit from a good whooping.  But according to this article they are getting spanked, but behind closed doors.  It is less likely you are going to see someone smacking their kid around in public, but it is still happening.

So it looks like kids these days are a bunch of assholes for other reasons then not getting hit enough.

I would never spank Munch because I really don’t feel like that would make her better understand what I am trying to communicate to her.  I think that is best accomplished through emotional manipulation and making her feel guilty.  Duh.

Check out this pretty epic info graphic here on the psychology of spanking….

My personal philosophy on spanking is to keep it in the bedroom ;o)