More Philosophers and Less Murderers Please

A lot of fucked up shit has been going on lately. The Planned Parenthood shooting, multiple terrorist attacks, white dudes mass murdering, a bagillion cases of police brutality…. The amount of violence is staggering, and also incredibly confusing. The thing I keep asking myself is “who the dick cares enough about an issue to kill another human over it!?”

I get how someone might have an opinion on a subject. I have opinions about things all the time. For instance I think beets are gross. But that doesn’t mean I am going to snipe someone in the face for enjoying beets. You get what I mean?

It’s one thing to be a total psycho serial killer who just likes massacring people. That’s a type of person. Not one I would like to date mind you, but they are out there. I don’t know what makes them tick, or what happened to them to inspire joy from cutting someone up and making sausage casing with their skin… but I think it’s safe to assume that they get pleasure out of that kind of Saturday afternoon activity. With the average vicious murderer, they’re dismembering people not because of some ideology, but rather because they want to.

I don’t get what drives someone to kill for the sake of killing… but I get it.

Yet there are these extreme fundamentalists who kill people over their own dogmatic beliefs… now that is a mystery to me. I am not that sure of anything!!! I would NEVER be so confident in my thinking that I would kill others who don’t agree. My perspective on life is always in flux. My entire ethical understanding of life is that everything and anything is possible, so I have to question all of it.

I was a philosophy major in college and I remember having a total emotional breakdown about my life. My boyfriend wanted to break up with me, I was about to graduate, and I was kinda pudgy. I was crying one day and my teacher said to me, “Toni, you can’t just study philosophy, you are to live your life philosophically.”

That sentence changed my life. It opened me up to realize that nothing is concrete, and I have to be open-minded to a variety of possibilities. No matter what I think, there is always an alternate reality. Perspective is inherently subjective, and therefor it can always adapt as I change and evolve.

I question everything I hear, think, and feel. Did we land on the moon? Maybe? Maybe not? The moon could also be a hollow space station for aliens to observe us? Perhaps is it? The pyramids of Egypt might have been built with sound vibrations. Why not? I can never say I know anything for certain. Does my dad truly love me? I think so! But who knows! The universe is mysterious!

To be so sure about your religious or moral beliefs that you actually KILL another human to uphold them – makes me think you haven’t really thought them through. Maybe I’m apathetic or don’t care enough about my values, but being so vehemently passionate that you would strap a bomb to your chest or open up an AK47 on an innocent crowd implies that there is a lot you haven’t questioned. If we all approached every subject philosophically we would be wayyyy to busy gazing at our navels to blow people up.

This picture speaks to me….

paris pic