Life’s Little Pleasures

Do you ever feel pressure to be happy? Or obligated to have fun? Do you find yourself looking longingly through Facebook thinking that everyone has a better time on vacation than you? I cannot tell you how many hours of my life I have spent looking at pictures of other people’s good times wondering if the whole world enjoys life more than I do.

Come to think of it… wouldn’t it be funny to post really unflattering pictures of yourself where you were just miserable on Facebook? Pictures of you fighting with your boy/girl friend, or hungover with dried puke on your collar, or laying down with a double chin eating cupcake crumbs out of your belly button. I think that would be awesome.

Sometimes I feel like as humans we plan these extravagant happenings to ensure our happiness. A paid for experience like sky diving, snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef, or snorting coke off of some hookers tits. But isn’t it the little pleasures in life that bring true joy? Those tiny unexpected moments that make you smile because you didn’t even see it coming.

Maybe that is what life is all about… the commas between experiences rather than the exclamation points.

Like blue toenail polish

Or Girls Veggie Extravaganza Dinner Night!

Or when a moth lands on your finger

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