I Want To Be With you… and Eat You

It is nice to be sought after.  To have someone express there desire to be around you.  The idea that a person desperately wants to spend time with you is flattering.  A nice little boost to the ego.  But when that being happens to be sort of crazy because their brain is only semi-formed, things can get a little intense.  Especially when they are really possessive and quasi-canibalistic.

Lately The Munch has been particularly demanding of my attention.  She wants to engage with me every chance she gets, and is much more interested in interacting with me than playing by herself.  I figure like all things, this is a phase, and I should go with the flow.  She is mostly fun to be around, even though she tells the same story about her baby doll going poops in her diapi and wanting lollipop ice cream.

But it can also be overwhelming being the center of someone’s universe, especially because The Munch is in a constant state of stimulus.  Sometimes I want to be like “kid, get off my nuts,” but that confuses her because I wasn’t eating any.

Yet as exhausting as it can be, she does make me laugh.

The comedy began this morning when The Munch wanted me to do her hair.

Munch: “Mamma, can you braid my hair like Pippi Longstockings?”

Toni: “Sure!  Wait Munch you have to keep your head still?”

Munch: “Hahahahahahahah”

Toni: “Munch you have to stop shaking your head if you want me to braid your hair.”

Munch: “Okay.”

Toni: “Alright…. (I would start for one second, and then she would start shaking her head again). Munch! You have to stop wiggling your head around!”

Munch: “Hahahahahahahahahahaha.  Okay.”

Toni: “Let me try again… Ahhhhhhhh!”

Again, two seconds of me trying to braid her hair, and then her wiggling her head back and forth like Stevie Wonder in the groove. She did this for 25 min.  I know I was encouraging her because it was making me laugh… but it was just so ridiculous.  I don’t know why I kept trying. Probably because I thought she would look really cute.

Then she decided she wanted to play a game with me.

Munch: “Mamma, can you do me a favor?”

Toni: “Sure.”

Munch: “Can you play hide and seek with me?”

Toni: “Okay.  I will count to twenty and you hide.”

Munch: “Okay!!”

Alright, so I would count to twenty, look up, and The Munch would be standing next to a tree looking right at me.  I could completely see her.

Toni: “Munch! I can see you! You have to hide.”

I would count again, and the same thing would happen.

Toni: “Munch listen to me.  You have to hide so I can’t see you and I have to look for you. So if you can see me, pretty sure I can see you too okay?”

Munch: “Okay”

I counted to twenty, looked up, and there she was standing next to the same tree – but with her back to me.  I decided that was a good enough try, and indulged her and pretended I was looking for her.

Toni: “Hmmmm is Munch behind the bushes?”

Munch: “No Mamma! I am over here! Next to the tree!”

Then we go over to her cousin’s house to play.  We are all roughhousing, pretending to be monsters and lions, and I am tickling them both.  At one point I was paying too much attention to her cousin and The Munch bit me.  It was right when we were about to leave, so I decided to talk to her about it when I was brining her to the car.

Toni: “Munch, while we were playing, I felt you bite me.  Did you bite me?”

Munch: “No?”

Toni: “Munch I felt you bite me.  It was not nice.  Was it an accident?”

Munch: “No.”

Toni: “That makes Mamma very angry.  Were you jealous that I was paying attention too Calvin? Because I think you bit me on purpose.  Did you?”

Munch: “Yes?”

Toni: “So why did you bite me?”

Munch: “Because I wanted to eat you.”

Ahhhhhh I guess love is loving someone so much that you want to consume them entirely and eat them.  Kind of makes sense.