Guess What??? I am Better Than You!

Women are often defined through their relationship to the other.  As a girl grows up people will question whether she is going to have a baby or become a wife, and through those decisions a socially acceptable identity is formed. Of course many women want different realties and defy conventions, but the expectation is always lingering like a fart under the sheets.

I am sure men have similar pressures, but the quintessential bachelor is an envied archetype, where the single, childless, woman is one to be pitied.  Oftentimes women feel like it’s an accomplishment to get engaged, and the competition for the most glamorous ring becomes just as relevant as the loving bond soon to be formed.  Bitches be crazy over their diamonds!

But its not just chicks fault that they are stuck in this paradigm.  In a patriarchal society, men are what define power.  If a woman wants to acquire power under this context, marrying a powerful man, or birthing a powerful son are real strategies.  However, there are more approaches now and broads can’t forget that.  Fine, we may get paid less, and it is hard as fuck to claw our way up to the upper echelons – but there are more opportunities than ever before.  Ladies are on a forward path and shouldn’t feel constrained by past models.  If we want power we don’t need a man to provide it for us, because we have the capacity to seize it ourselves.

So my opinion is – fuck the convention and do what you want.  If you want to get married, fantastic.  If you want to stay single, rock on.  If you want to be polyamorous, yes! Do that.  But watch out for that 7th leg because who does that one belong to?  Whatever you choose, do it because it is the path that you actually want to walk.   Being single is amazing because every time you leave your house it’s an adventure – you have no one to answer to, and are in complete control of all the decisions you make.  You can fall in love in a night and experience the passion and limitless potential of someone you are still getting to know. Or being in a relationship is groovy because you have a partner to count on, someone to help you get through the intricacies of life, and can get laid without having to care if you have showered in two days.  They are all fine decisions, but they don’t define who you are as a person.  Being married is not an achievement just like being single is not a failure.  Females are just humans running around with tits and a vagina, but that doesn’t mean we are incomplete without an other.

But you know the cliché scenario where a woman gets engaged and then brags to her friends about it??  My friend Bridget and I made a video with our own take.  This scene actually came to her in a dream…. I think once you see it you will understand why!

Watch it here!!