Dreams Are F’d Up!

What makes a dream different than a memory? Okay fine smarty pants, a memory you actually experienced… but what about right now? Both dreams and memories are just images in your head. Ethereal happenings behind your eyelids dancing through the waves of your efforts to recall. What makes one any more real then the other when the only way to connect to them is through thought?

Have you ever been dreaming and in your dream you have one of those moments where you say to your self “man, this is really weird.” It is like your conscious self has a moment to observe the dream, or replace your dreaming self long enough to recognize that breastfeeding a T-rex is just too bizarre to be real. But then you go back into the dream world and morph into your 3rd grade gym teacher and start tap dancing on a spider web.

I am starting to really fear the person that dreams the crazy f’d up dreams that I dream. Maybe because I wake up so many times throughout the night, and remember my dreams like never before, but let me tell you, whoever dreams up that stuff in my head is one deranged person. I am not going to go into the intricacies of my dreams, because hearing someone else’s dreams is almost as boring as listening to their problems. But let me just say, sometimes I wake up and have to bath in holy water to wash away the lingering visions of what happened while I was sleeping.

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