Childhood Wishes

I used to make wishes all the time as a child. Every time I saw the first star, blew away dandelion achenes or an eyelash, threw a penny into a fountain, broke a wishbone, or when the clock showed 11:11 (or 2:22, 3:33, 4:44…) I guess I was kind of a greedy wisher.

After a certain point, I stopped making wishes – probably because so many of them didn’t come true. I don’t have size DD boobs, nor do I live in a candy castle with Keanu Reeves as my butler. Eventually I realized that the effort wasn’t worth the pain of disappointment.

As I got older and exposed to new age thinking of manifesting destiny through positive thinking, I started trying that. I was told to visualize the things I wanted in life as already having happened. Not asking for something to be granted in the distant future by some abstract force, but instead envisioning my desires as being actualized in the present moment by my own psychic prowess. Yet even though I believe that we are masters of our experience of consciousness in this ever flowing universe of infinite space, time, and dimensions – I still don’t have a butt like Beyonce or a best selling book all about me, me, me (co-written by Keanu Reeves).

Again I gave up. I figured there was not much I could do to interfere with the cosmos, and its grand plan for my purpose here on planet earth. I came to accept my failures, both in thought and in practice, as just part of the path.

But as The Munch is starting to understand the concept of wishes, I can’t help but want to indoctrinate her with magic of belief.  Even if existence is just a cruel shadow of what we hope it could be, it is still nice to get caught up in the potential.

So the Munch and I each picked a transformed dandelion, and puffed the seeds into the wind as we made our wishes.

Munch: Mamma, what did you wish for?
Toni: What did YOU wish for??
Munch: I wished that I could be with you forever and ever.
Toni: Awww. That is really sweet.
Munch: What did you wish for Mamma?
Toni: Ummm.  Honestly? I wished for success.
Munch: Suxsex? What does that mean?
Toni: Who knows Munch?
Munch: That is a really silly wish. You should make another one.
Toni: And what should I wish for?
Munch: That you can stay with me forever and and ever.