Aren’t We All Codependent Narcissists?

Have you ever had one of those moments where late at night you find yourself cruising through the Internet self-diagnosing for mental disorders?  Yeah, I have never done that either.  That would be crazy!

Depending on the day, I display a variety of different psychological syndromes.  I think that is why they started advertising psychiatric drugs late at night on TV.  It is easy to convince an insomniac that they are fucked up.

Why yes commercial, I do have trouble sleeping – thank you for rubbing it in how I am indeed awake at 1 am.  I actually do feel anxious now, because I am reminded how I have to wake up tomorrow.  As a matter of fact I am depressed because I am going to be sleepy tomorrow and I am too anxious to go to sleep.  You are right about me savvy drug advertising – sign me up for medication pronto!

It is easy to throw around medical terminology because we are inundated with these conditions on a daily basis. Yet why this is confusing is because these ailments are mostly average human conditions exaggerated.  We all exhibit many of the traits listed as psychological sicknesses, but in a more muted or subtle way.  I know there is a spectrum, and people have varying degrees of exhibiting behavior, but aren’t we all kind of co-dependent anxious depressed narcissists?

If I were to look at my relationship with my child alone, I would say that all of those characteristics are exhibited within our daily dynamic.  Am I co-dependent with The Munch if I make the decision to spend my afternoon at the playground even though think it is boring as fuck but I know she likes it?  Am I anxious because when I watch her climb on things awkwardly I wonder if she is going to fall?  Am I depressed because when I push her on the swing for 38 minutes I not only get extremely jaded, but also spend that time questioning existence and if my life has any meaning?  Am I a narcissist because I think my own twisted thoughts are more interesting than having to explain to some kid why I won’t give them the shovel I am playing with in the sandbox?   (Because I need it for my selfie! Duh!)