What is Better… To Have or To Want?

What do you think is better… wanting something of having something? Is it better to want that person, that piece of chocolate cake, that Ipad, or actually possess it? Isn’t there something exhilarating about the desire? The limitless potential of what life would be like if you had it. In a way, the fantasy can be so much more fulfilling that the reality, because that feeling of anticipation is so much more exciting.

I see this every day with The Munch. I will dangle something in front of her face; it could be anything really… a toy, a diaper, doesn’t matter. I will hold it just beyond her reach, and she will go ballistic with enthusiasm. Her little body almost shaking under the weight of her eagerness. “Oh boy! I can’t wait to hold that toothbrush!”

And then I give it to her. She examines the bristles, puts the plastic end in her mouth, holds it in front of her face, but something is missing. The joy. The emotionality. It is like she is saying to herself “Huh. This isn’t as great as I thought it was going to be.” But if I were to take it away… she tenses up, pumps her fists like she is in Jersey, and the fervor starts all over again.

Maybe that is because our imaginations are more infinite than the binding of reality. That what we dream will always be more satisfying because there is nothing but our minds to taint the desire. Maybe there will always be something slightly disappointing in knowing what something is like rather than yearning for it.

“Oh boy is that a wallet?! I want that wallet so bad I can taste it!”

“Oh… right… it is just a wallet.”