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Traveling With Baby (Sort of Sucks, And is Sort of Okay)

Traveling with a baby is intense. Before The Munch I would just bring a tooth brush. I would borrow your underwear, wear all your clothes, wash my hair with your shampoo… okay fine, I actually didn’t bring a tooth brush and used yours when you weren’t looking. Point is, I was a really light traveler because there was no need for me to bring anything when I could just help myself to all your stuff.

But a baby needs a lot of crap. They need their bath toys, regular toys, nice toys, lame toys, soap, diapers, wipes, clothes, books, food, baby carrier, winter gear, boots, boots for when the other boots get wet, blah blah blah. I felt like even though I was only leaving for a couple of days, I packed enough for an Armageddon. Obviously I am exaggerating. More like a low key apocalypse.

And then of course you forget something. In my case it was a high chair. I don’t know how it would have fit in the car, but I should have strapped it to the roof if I had any foresight. Not to mention the fact that I went through the trouble of bringing all her eco happy wooden toys made by Pinocchio himself, but she spent the entire time playing with half-eaten dog toys and a spatula. I also should have brought valium, because The Munch slept like crap and fell out of the bed twice. Not for me silly… I am not a lunatic… for her… duh.

Going on an adventure with a sleeping baby. Doesn’t this field make me look bad ass?

We are sooooo going for it

Tired baby = cranky asshole of a baby… Only way to keep her quite while I cooked

Okay, you can sit on the table as long as you don’t stand up


But all worth it to hang out with Auntie Gita!!