Too Many Options Makes It Harder To Make Decisions!

Do you know what the most popular ice cream flavor at 31 flavors is? Vanilla. Is that because vanilla is better than bubble gum, or banana rum cream cherry pie swirled chocolate coated oreo cookie? Not necessarily. It is because when there are too many options in life, it is paralyzing to make a decision.

It is like when you go to a restaurant and the menu is longer than the bible but you can’t figure out what to order. Or you are given an assignment to write about anything you want, and can’t think of anything to write about. Or how the children of billionaires that could do whatever they want with their lives can’t figure out what they want to do (I mean besides coke). Or how you can be in a kitchen stocked with food and feel like there is nothing to eat. But if you only had saltines, olives, and ketchup you would figure out a meal fit for a king… and by king I mean someone who isn’t too picky and pretty hungry. But you get my point.

Without boundaries humans have to really struggle to focus and figure out what they want. Too many options makes life more difficult because it impossible to feel satisfied. No matter what you think you might want, the fact that there is so much else to choose from makes you think about all that you might be missing out on too. How can you enjoy anything when you keep thinking about all you are not getting that you maybe could have gotten if you made a different decision? You would think it would be liberating to have more jeans to choose from, but if you think too long about skinny jeans, flared jeans, boot cut jeans, straight legged jeans, tapered jeans, loose fitting jeans, baggy jeans, tight jeans with a slight flare that taper then straighten out then hug the ankle, you just might lose your mind.

When you have too much to choose from, it is distracting. You can’t see things for what they are, because everything blends together into one big steaming pile of pressure to make a decision.

If you want your mind to feel free and creative, limit yourself. Create boundaries. If The Munch has a basket of toys in front of her, she will very quickly get bored and agitated. But if I give her one toy at a time, she will play with it, talk to it, hold it up in the air, drop it, pick it up, try to put it in something else, bang it against the table, put it in the toilette… I mean we are talking some seriously imaginative stuff here!

“Uhhgggggg… It is so boring here! There is nothing to do!”