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The Story of My Heart

Telling stories is a huge part of the human experience.  We are always talking to each other about our days – or texting/tweeting/facebooking/blogging/instagramming.  It is almost a compulsion.  If you are in a relationship the first thing you ask each other is “how was your day” and then you will discuss it no matter how mundane.  “Oh honey, my day was fine.  I sneezed a bunch of times in the morning, and then I was driving behind this asshole who was going really slow.  But I didn’t pass him or anything.  Because that would be dangerous.”

We read books/magazines/blogs and watch plays/movies /TV/youtube/Hulu/Netflix that all tell stories about people’s lives.  They don’t even have to be true, or remotely realistic, and we will still crave hearing them.  It is obsession.

The art of story telling extends way beyond entertainment.  I may want to read or watch something to pass the time because I am bored, but in every story there is always some meaning I can apply to my own life.

I mean sometimes it’s a stretch.  Like with such brilliant films as “Sharknado” which is a sci-fi flick examining what would happen if a bunch of sharks got stuck in a tornado and were then were spit back onto the earth at rapid speeds to eat the humans below.  I am pretty sure I am not going to be in that situation, but if I challenge my mind, I can always find some lesson or person to relate to.

So you better believe that as a parent I am telling stories to The Munch all freaking day. And making them up on the spot is harder than you think.  There has to be some moral, or lesson to help teach her to be less of an asshole – and it has to be compelling.  I have been exercising the fuck out my imagination trying to keep up with all this.

But yesterday I asked her to tell me a story, and this is what she came up with.

Munch:  Mamma tell me a story!

Toni:  Munch I have told you like 10,000 stories today.  You tell me a story.

Munch:  Okay.  Once upon a time, I was running so fast. And I ran right into your heart.

Toni:  You ran into my heart?

Munch:  Yeah, and then I broke it!

Toni:  Oh no! You broke my heart! Then what did you do?

Munch:  I got out my Munchee tools, and I fixed it!

Toni:  Phew! So you fixed my heart with your Munchee tools?

Munch:  Yeah! Because you didn’t really know how it worked.  But I fixed it, and now it’s all better!

Tell me that is not fucking profound!


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