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The Progeny Of A Genius

My dad is pretty much a genius. He graduated high school at 16, and then got his PHD from Harvard by the time he was 22 years old – where he has been a tenured professor ever since. He speaks 22 languages, and writes a book every year.

There is no possible way I could ever live up to my dad’s intellectual legacy. His mental prowess rivals only the most elite minds, and he has been able to accomplish more with his brain than I could ever conceive. It is truly humbling to be the offspring of a prodigy because you know from early on you are never going to be able to supersede their vast legacy.

But… every once in a while, there is a moment of glory. When I can do something that my dad can’t. Like when I was visiting him, and he and The Munch were trying put together a 72 piece Cinderella Lego set.

My Dad: Ummmm I think this goes here… no… maybe it goes here?? No…. I am not really sure where this goes.
Munch: I think I need my mom to help us… she is really good at Legos.

I walked in to the scene and all the Legos were strewn across the floor. My dad was looking quizzically at the box, as The Munch was insisting the tower was in the wrong place, because it didn’t match the image. I knew this was my moment to shine. They don’t come around that often…. so I got to take them when I can!

I got to work and put together the entire castle in 7 minutes.

My Dad: Jesus that was impressive. If it were up to me I would have been working on this until 11:30 tonight.

I guess when your mind is filled with so many genius thoughts, you just don’t have any room left in there for Lego construction.

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4 Responses to The Progeny Of A Genius

  1. Ipek says:

    Omg. I am so good at that stuff too. I could really make the big bucks by working as an IKEA assembly person. Don’t even need the instruction booklet. Ain’t writing any book anytime soon on anything tho.

  2. Toni Nagy says:

    Considering I watched you write this entry, while Adelia was fussing, while trying to cook the right softness of egg, while watching your mother roll her eyes and all the other nonsense that was going on, I would say you most definitely have your fathers ability to focus and write brilliantly.

  3. Toni Nagy says:

    Ipek lets start a business!!!!

  4. Laszlo Nagy says:

    I want to exist in an alternate universe where dad and Munch labored till midnight to put together a pink castle. Imagine the feeling of achievement one would have when the clock finally struck twelve.

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