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The Man Menses


Women are often complaining about their periods, but that is probably because they are on their periods.  Silly women – always bleeding and emotional and shit.  Yet even thought it is inconvenient to deal with cramps, experience hormonal chaos, and have your lady-parts leaking blood (and if you are lucky, clots… yummmmm) I still think it is something we women should be grateful for because every month we are forced to let go.  I truly believe that men would benefit if they experienced a monthly man menses.

Why don’t we take a minute to examine all the positives parts of a period, even those that take place mostly on a subconscious level…

For one, it makes you face the idea of mortality.  When you bleed you have to deal with the reality that you are not a container for life.  Not that it is always a bad thing to not be pregnant… I have many times thanked the goddess at the sight of stained underwear.  But at the same time, the female body is a home to incubate life, and a period is a signifier that it is not happening.  No life this month.  But the act of the bleeding is a shedding of the old, for the potential for new life.  It is like the cycle of seasons all takes place on your tampon.  Winter makes room for summer, so we change our pads and do this all over again.

Maybe thinking about mortality doesn’t seem like a fun thing to do on a Saturday afternoon, but it is actually an incredibly important part of being.  The more you are connected to the fleeting nature of life, the more you appreciate your short time here on earth.  It is when we allow the truth of death to settle into our psyches that we are reminded of the importance of honoring it.  The more I acknowledge my impermanence, the more risks I take, the more I love, and the more I face my fears.

A period is also a cleansing.  It is the body’s way of washing out the energy of the uterus.  Granted, the sex act is different for men than it is for women, so each gender is impacted by copulation in their own unique way.  Women allow men to come inside of them, where men are putting their wingy-dings inside someone else – so there is a distinctive level of intimacy in that.  But women also get to wash that man right out of her cootch, and shed his energy from her vadge walls!  That is kind of an empowering image right?  Oh I may be heartbroken about this guy or whatever, but soon my puss will dispose of his penile influence as it gushes out my genitals.  Whenever my friends are super sad about the loss of a guy, I always say, “wait until your next period… you will feel better once you flush him out the front hole.”

And then of course there is the connection to nature and the moon.  We women mimic the cycle of the moon as it waxes and wanes, goes from full to new.  And this happens every 28 days just like how often I ride the cotton pony!  If you are really in touch with the universe you will ovulate when the moon is full, and bleed when it is new!  The darkness of the new moon is the void of nothing, and the brightness of the full moon illuminates all potential.  I always feel like I am on the right path when that happens.  Like I am in synch with the tides of existence.

Then there is the emotional effect of the moon menses cycle. We feel more vulnerable, sensitive, weepy, impatient, irritable, and whatever else we feel like fucking feeling so shut the fuck up about it!  It may seem overwhelming at times to have these intense mood swings, but it is also freeing.  The more we feel, the more realize that we are capable of handling our feelings.  When we allow ourselves to express the vast spectrum, then we remind ourselves that we have the power to move through them.  Part of the human condition is learning how to internalize our feelings, and that is best accomplished not by stifling them, but by allowing them to flow through you.

So although I can understand why men may not want to bleed out of their penis hole, and how that is also impossible without a painful intervention, I still think there is much they can learn from the process of the period.  I think men already get their man periods in their own ways, because they are moody as fuck too am I right?  But perhaps it is time there is some intentionality behind it.  So you see guys? Men too can have meaningful rituals that are comparable, and will awaken the lessons of the menses.