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The Effect of TV is More Disturbing Than I Thought

It is hard to raise your child with no TV. I tried really hard to be a purist about it, but that meant I had to talk to my kid… like all the time!  Yet it is something I do have concerns about, because TV turns The Munch into a zombie.  She stares at the screen like she is catatonic, and it is disturbing.  So unless she is sick, I don’t let The Munch watch anything at home, but I do let her watch the IPad in the car… and we are in the car everyday so that is happening…

I think part of my trepidation is that I watched a lot of TV growing up.  I was a “latch key kid” and so TV was the family I came home to.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Facts of Life, Growing Pains, Out of This World, He-Man, GI- Joe, Brady Bunch, Alf, Harry and the Hendersons, Small Wonder, The Wonder Years, Beverly Hills 90210, were all charters that kept me company.  I don’t blame my parent’s for this – I know they were busy and working hard… buuuuuuut they are the reason why my brain is rotted like a cesspool of toxic sludge according to this article, so thanks a lot mom and dad.

There are many studies that discuss the impact of TV on your kid’s brain, but you know what?  I don’t think I need anyone to tell me the effect of TV on my kid.  All I have to do is watch The Munch watch stuff, and it is pretty obvious that she is totally hypnotized.  So much so that she ignores everything else to the point of near insanity.  For example, we were driving home from Boston the other day and she mumbled something about having to go potty.

Toni: Munch, you have to go potty? Is that what you said? Do you want me to stop?


Toni: Munch, are you listening to me?


Toni: MUNCH! Do you need to go potty or what? Should I pull over?

Munch: Naw, I just peed in my pants.

You would think she was joking… but no.  She actually peed in her pants because she was too distracted / didn’t want to stop watching to go to the bathroom.  And the crazy part is, that for the rest of the hour long drive home, she didn’t complain once about sitting in her own urine, and stayed totally captivated by Curious George.

(You see that look in her eye? I could be on fire doing cartwheels and she wouldn’t look up)