Talking Is Overrated

Do you know what your first sentence was? I believe mine was “My teddy bear is having an existential crisis,” but I could be wrong.

The other morning The Munch was patting my head and she said “Pat Mama!!!”

That is totally a sentence right???????!!! It had a verb and a noun… fine, no adjectives or adverbs, but it still seemed very sentence-y. I didn’t say she had the most impressive vocabulary or syntax mind you…

As exciting as this is, I am also kind of terrified of actually finding out what is on her mind. There is a comfort in having no tangible clue what she thinks about. I can make assumptions like she likes her feet tickled because she smiles or she does not like her car seat because she screams in my face and pushes her pelvis into the buckle, but there is still an element of mystery involved.

Perhaps our ability to communicate verbally to each other makes us feel more intimate, but does talking really make us closer? It may give us the ability to distract each other, but aren’t all the mysteries of the universe too complex to explain? Doesn’t everything that has actual meaning impossible to define?

For instance can you really describe emotions, colors, or someone’s personality? Isn’t most of life really just abstract sensations that are beyond our ability to distill into language? Maybe the relationship we have with babies is the most profound one we will ever experience because we are not limited by the expectation of language and instead must rely on the messaging of energy. Maybe we should speak more from our hearts then we do from our minds… and probably a lot more grunting too… that seems to get the point across.

I am thinking her next sentence will be “fuck da police”