Slightly Psychotic

No one wants to think their child is a sociopath.  You never hear parents at the park saying “you know I really love my little Timmy, but I think he might grow up to be a sadistic murderer.”  You love your child and you want to see the best in them.  But recently I have been thinking that The Munch has some serious pathology going on.

The Munch has a cousin Calvin, who she loves, and is her best friend.  They play together all the time, and have a lot of fun.  There is a lot of laughing, jumping, running, and crying because they don’t want to share.  You know, the same thing you do with your buddies!

So of course kids have issues sharing toys.  That is pretty normal behavior.  Just as when one kid is playing with a toy, it immediately makes it more seductive to the other.  It is called the “live toy” phenomenon.  The idea that simply by giving a toy attention, it is then going to be desired by the other child who sees how much fun that toy could be.  Even if said toy is a fucking dirty tennis ball.

I see this being played out with The Munch and Calvin all the time.  But the other day things got kind of demented.  We were at the beach and The Munch had this watering can she was playing with, that Calvin then obviously became interested in.

Munch: NO CALVIN! I want to play with the watering can!

Toni: Munch, don’t be fresh.  Calvin can have a turn with the watering can too.

Munch: But it’s my turn!

Toni: Okay fine. You can play with it for a few more minutes but then its Calvin’s turn.

During The Munch’s turn playing with the watering can, Calvin started to entertain himself with something different.  While his back was turned I watched Munch hide the watering can where Calvin couldn’t reach it, or find it – and then proceeded to dig in the sand with a shovel.

You see she would rather not play with the watering can at all, and stow it away, rather than share it with her best friend.  Call me old fashioned, that sounds slightly psychotic to me.

“I am taking this watering can, and I am out of here!”