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  • The Dreaded 6 Weeks

    So maybe your Doctor, or maybe some book you read, or maybe some friend or family member has mentioned to you about the 6 week mark right? If not, the theory is, that around 6 weeks, your baby is going through so much mental development, that they are kinda pissy for a bit.

    I had no idea what to anticipate for this benchmark. It seemed really intimidating. As the day approached I kept envisioning she would suddenly morph into Reagan from “The Exorcist.” She would be plagued by flies, or become supremely violent, and I would have to bury someone’s body in my back yard and burn all the evidence. I was prepared for Armageddon.

    But you know what? I hardly noticed a change at all. In fact, I felt like she started to become more at peace with the world around her. She also had become more awake and interested in the world around her. She would seriously just stare at her hands for an hour like she was tripping out on acid. (Not that I would know).

    She also started to make faces at me with intention. Like she was trying on different ways to express herself. It was like she began to engage with me.

    My point is, there really is no way to anticipate how your particular baby is going to be during any of these so called “bench marks.” It is probably good to be aware of them, but not obsess like they are god’s truth. Who knows, maybe you will give birth and your baby will look you in the eye and say “Man… it was HOT in there.”

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  • What Do Babies Dream About?

    Newborn babies sleep a shit ton. This baby of mine, I swear on everything holy, sleeps about 20-22 hours a day. The rare moments that she has her eyes open, all I want to do is stare into them and interact with her, because that time with her being awake is so rare and precious. Not that I am complaining. It is nice to hold a sleeping content baby all day. It is like the ultimate cuddle session.

    I get that during these endless days of sleep her brain is developing, and her body is growing at astronomical speeds… but I cannot help from wondering… what is she dreaming about all that time??

    I have two theories on this. Either, she is dreaming about past lives, and is working out the karmic debt of all that. Like she is going over all her triumphs and mistakes of being a Native American princess, or Cleopatra, or Ronald Reagan, or something along those lines. Or, she is dreaming of the material that is given to her in her own life experience. Maybe that is why they sleep so peacefully in the beginning? Because the majority of their life was spent sloshing around in the womb? Maybe each day that they live, they are given new visual stimulus to dream about? Maybe that is why sleep becomes more of a challenge, as they grow older? Because there is so much to process with all that they are exposed to?

    If I think that I am providing her with the vocabulary to narrate her dreams, that is not only a whole lot of responsibility, but also a serious honor! It inspires me to imagine brining her to the most beautiful places so her eyes can feast on the buffet that will entertain her while she is off in never never land.

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