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My Worst Fear Ever Has Come True!

My worst nightmare has come true. Something I knew might happen some day, but I blocked it out of my mind feigning ignorance like a racist grandpa. But now that it has happened, I feel like I’m in that movie Jurassic Park when they realized the Velociraptors could open doors. What is that you say? Why the obscure reference? Perhaps because I watched Jurassic Park too many times one afternoon on pot brownies… but when they realized they were no longer safe in the kitchen because those dinosaurs could open doors with their dinosaur claws I was so scared I made a brownie in my underpants.

So what is going on you may be wondering…

The Munch has figured out how to take off her diaper.

If you are not familiar with the functionality of a diaper, let me refresh you. A diaper, holds shit and piss… but since it comes out of a baby lets call is poopie and pee pee. Unfortunately for your child, you actually want that stuff plastered to your babies skin until you figure out they need to be changed and do it on your own time. Meaning, you don’t want them to realize for themselves “Hey, there is poo in here. I am just going to pull on these tabs here on the side, and whoa… check it out. This thing comes right off. Now… what is that in there? This brown stuff? I think I am going to touch it. Maybe smear it on the floor, and in my hair. This is awesome. I wonder what it tastes like?”

“Oh wow… I never realized it was so easy to get this thing off! I think I am going to pee on the floor then…”