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Munch’s Thoughts on Gay Marriage

People have a lot of opinions about gay marriage, including chicken sandwiches, which is weird because my turkey sandwich loves sucking cock.  It is a political issue, a social issue, a religious issue, and also a total non-issue.

The funny thing about adults is body hair on their toe knuckles.  But the other funny thing is how self-righteous they can be about their beliefs.  Grown-ups thinks they are so wise because they wipe from front to back, but do big people really know more than little ones?

Case and point:  The Munch and I were reading a book that my friend Lauren gave me called Freckle Face Strawberry written by the actress Julianne Moore.  In said book, one of the main characters is named “Windy Pants” and he has two mommies.  So in this children’s narrative, there is a child with lesbian parents.  When I was reading the book to Munch this is what she said.

“Windy Pants has two mommies, Mamma.”

“Yes Munch he does.  He has two mammas.”

“Windy Pants is soooooo lucky Mamma!”

I am pretty sure Munch knows what she is talking about, even if she does think thunder is the sky farting.