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Mr. Sandman is A Drug Dealer

I scare myself.  There are mornings when I wake up I and feel immensely unnerved by what happened while I was sleeping.  My dreams can be so demented they have to be the work of a crazy person.  I don’t know who is coming up with the shit in my head, but I do know that I don’t trust that person.

Quick example… and I know… I know… hearing people’s dreams is about as interesting as hearing someone talk about what they were like in highs school, but check it.

I was either with these two guys, or I was one of them, and we were going to murder someone. For no reason, just going to murder them. But the person we ended up deciding to murder was actually my/his mom, and she did this sneak attack where she pulled out a samurai sword and then cut my/his head off.  Then my friend was pregnant, but she didn’t want to tell me, so her brother told me, but then she told me that she was having sex with her brother.

WHY? Why did I come up with such disturbing imagery? What is wrong with me?

What are dreams? Do we sleep to dream? Are dreams related? Are they just a dumping of our consciousness and excess information?  Is it a way for our psyches to process?

And is Mr. Sandman a drug dealer that is pushing some hardcore liquid acid on me?