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Mother Nature VS Father Nature

You know when you hear statistics like ½ the animals will be extinct in 50 years, or the world’s population will double in the next 30, and you do the math and see how old you will be when these things happen? You might say to yourself, “Man, I might be kinda crusty by then, but I might be around!” Then the panic sets in, and you have to lie down, or watch a Judd Apatow movie to get your mind off all this “thinking” you have been doing.

I had one of those moments in my pre-baby days, and I called home in a state of panic and paranoia. In between bites of ice-cream I told my dad, who was lucky enough to answer the phone, about my apocalyptic vision and how over population was going to give rise to a plague that would make the Bubonic one seem like the sniffles.

“So? I will be dead by then.”


Now that I have a baby, even when I think of catastrophes that might happen after I am gone, The Munch will be alive, and that means I still give a care!

So I ask you, is my Dad just totally insensitive, or is there an inherent difference between mothers and fathers?

I think it is fair to say, that men have been ruling the world as long as written history is concerned. You guys did some great things… but… I don’t think we can deny the fact that there hasn’t been enough concern for the long-term impact. Oh… and there has been a lot of violence, raping, pillaging, enslaving, but those are just details. Point is, men are making decisions that serve them best in the interim, but what about the world we are handing down to our children?

Now, I know there are women in politics, and they make similar decisions as men do, so this is not a man/woman argument, but a masculine/feminine one.

Maybe it is the feminine impulse, the mother instinct, the maternal side in all of us that needs to become the more valued force? The mother considers her children, and cares about their survival… unless she is a reptile and eats them, but you get what I am saying. We need to as a global society focus on the nurturing of the mother, and less on the dominance of the father. Or, maybe I just have daddy issues.

(A classic shot of my dad and The Munch)

(My mom and The Munch…. you be the judge)

4 Responses to Mother Nature VS Father Nature

  1. Rose says:

    Yeah, but then the women’s lib movement of the 60’s and 70’s came and produced a bunch of angry, defiant women who refuse to shave and who say that women should act like and be treated like men. I think that’s just as big a problem. Women are NOT men. We ARE different. Our femininity should be honored and accepted. So, I think it’s about finding a balance between masculine and feminine in every level of society. Although the native americans would tell you that if you let the women decide everything we’d all be better off because they’re the ones who CARE and nurture. They’re biologically predisposed for that. 🙂 You should talk to my mom someday about all this. She’s very opinionated and it’s right up her ally…

  2. rose says:

    and P.S. the two photos next to each other are kind of hilarious… your dad looks terrified hahaha

  3. holly says:

    This may sound simplistic but women protect children and men protect women (and their shared children by extension). The best way to hurt a man is by insulting *his* women (hence all the raping in war etc.) There are special poetic traditions, where virgins will go into the battle field and cheer their men on by reminding them of what will happen to the women, should they lose, and what they have to gain should they win. All of this is trivialized and distorted in modern day sports, but the gist is the same. Rosemary is right. Women are different than men and in the family, the relationship is complementary. But you are right. We all need to nurture the earth and not blow it up over protecting self interest. I keep thinking of all the men fighting against Qadhdhâfi, freaking out as their women and children are being shelled in their homes in Misrata and Ajdabiya. And how twisted it is that Qadhdhâfi has trained a 100 or so woman from very poor backgrounds, but who are good looking and strong, to become killers and to take a vow of chastity to live and die only for him. And these women call it liberation!!! I could go on….I love the pics, BTW.

  4. Gia says:

    As Holly said, “This may sound simplistic but women protect children and men protect women (and their shared children by extension).”Brilliant summary Holly. The truth is often very simple and plainly spoken.

    And awesome pictorial Toni. Looks to me like Greg is giving The Munch the support she needs to stand on her own. Note, they have the same expression, slightly terrified of being immortalized.

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