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Maybe I am not as Cute as I Thought?

When getting pulled over by the cops I would like to think my “cute factor” would help me.  That he would look into my green eyes and decide that giving me a speeding ticket was a true injustice.  I would then make a funny comment about how women can’t drive, shouldn’t be held accountable for their mistakes, and I would drive off with a warning.

Here is the scene.  I was driving The Munch and her cousin Calvin to baby gymnastics and trying to hand them both strawberries while singing as loud as I could do “Somebody I Used to Know,” (because that is what the song calls for).  Soooooooo… I didn’t notice the speed limit drop from 50 to 30.  Sure I go through this town all the time, and yeah and I did know that this was going to happen, and maybe I just didn’t give a care and wanted to keep living my life.  But the point is, this copper was out to get me.

“Ma’am, do you realize you were going 47 in a 30 zone?  Now why were you driving so fast?”

“Oh you see officer, I have two babies in the car.”

“That is why you were speeding?”


For some reason this rational made sense to me.

Now I have a $100 ticket to pay, so I am guessing that my pony tail was less sexy and more messy that morning.

“Ooooooo Mom… you got BUSTED!”